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SLC (Synchro Light Controller)


10,000 audience

Concerts and On-Stage Events

Past record of over 10,000 audience scale venues 

Sweep the entire audience with emission change by every song!

Night Parades and Shows at Theme Park

Each time floats or characters comes near audience who has the penlight,

it will glow and flash

Sure to be a delight for the kids!  

By controlling when, where and how the audience's lights glow,

enables to make the audience as part of show !

SLC SB2019 音なし

Video has no sound

We estimate according to customer's needs.

The Flash wave

of SLC

Sporting Events

Make the exciting moments even more memorable with the flash wave of SLC

Even though you don't know the rule, 

get moving when lights glow and flash !

Amusement Attractions

Set up SLC transmitters in any type of object or display

Enables producing fun and surprising effect!



Other Occasions

Accommodate all sorts of shapes and sizes

such as stick-type, badges, ribbons, fans and custom-made costumes